Friday, November 13, 2015

Pro the Pro? --- Day 4/287

Walk: Union Square, Best Buy, Fillmore
Distance: 4.6 miles and home yoga

It's Heeere and it's BIG.  Well, not quite this big, but..

Ciwt has been waiting for the ipad Pro, the new Big ipad, to arrive and Apple released it yesterday.
It's gorgeous Image result for ipad proand movies can't help but be amazing on its retina screen with upgraded speakers.  But it is heavier than Ciwt anticipated and a bit more cumbersome/definitely not easy to hold with one hand while navigating or typing. 

All the accessories aren't in stores yet, like the stylus which will be so great for artists Image result for ipad pro and the portable keyboard which makes it a laptop and the case which hopefully will be good for propping up Ciwt and Callie's in bed movies.Image result for in bed movies on ipad with cat Hmmmm.   We'll see.

PS - Ciwt tries not to comment on politics and new events.  But the violence that is happening in Paris right now as she writes is reprehensible, incomprehensible, unfair and sad beyond words. 

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