Thursday, November 12, 2015

Left, Right, Left, and an A in Art History... --- Day 4/286

Walk: Drive to Marin Day
Distance: 1 mile and try, try, try on shoe after shoe


Today was a shoe day for Ciwt which meant it was also high alert for her credit card fraud department.  Because she doesn't buy shoes often, when she does her credit card 'people' always assume someone has stolen her card.  It can be embarrassing when her card is rejected.  She explains just what she explained here, but you can kind of see the store owners or person at the cash register rolling their eyes.  Then it takes a loooong time to get the security people on the phone - more store eye rolling - for them to have their chat with Ciwt and finally to OK the transaction.  At that point the store person acts like he/she knew everything would be fine all along, but you know what they were really thinking......

Meanwhile she has encountered Nick Adelman, a man who feels people can most easily learn art history through the shoes they try on or buy. Above is his lesson in Byzantine Art.  Pretty clever - and accurate - in Ciwt's opinion.

Now, off to walk around the house in the unhistoric shoes she laid in today.

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