Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Go Neil and Pascale --- Day 4/284

Walk: JCCSF, Trader Joe's, Mureta's Antiques
Distance: 3.5 miles and yoga class

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So, Ciwt was in shopping at Pasqualine, one of her favorite boutiques, when Pascale's (the owner) boyfriend, Neil Blumenfield, came in.  The room started crackling with their combined energies. For good reason: she's a top Parisian retailer, recently moved to San Francisco, and he is - as Ciwt writes - in 2nd place in the World Championship of Poker.  Dressed by Pascale to be dashing as well as non-revealing at the poker table, Neil, at 61, is nearly the oldest to ever make the WC of Poker finals, and has become the event favorite with a Huge cheering section in Las Vegas.

Fun.  And really difficult: All the top players literally train like Olympic athletes bringing and keeping their bodies, minds and nervous systems to the healthiest possible level. They also keep in constant competition, playing as many tournaments as they can get in during the course of the year. And who knows what else...It is nerve wracking, intense and grueling.

Once again, for good reason: the winning stake is over $7 million, and, for all Ciwt knows, perhaps leads to endorsements.  So, Go Neil!!!  (And Pascale - She's Sooooo excited and, understandably, soooo nervous).

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