Friday, March 9, 2018

Immersed in Water --- Day 7/16

Distance: 3 miles, little yoga stretch

After avoiding the crowded building with lots of stairs while recovering from her knee surgery, Ciwt took another trip back to SFMOMA today.  She went to begin preparing for upcoming tours, but spent her time at a couple of new exhibitions instead. Both on the 7th, Contemporary Floor.  She went relunctantly because, in her opinion, the exhibitons on that floor have been a mess (for lack of better descriptive words) ever since the museum opened almost two years ago.  Except for one "Sound Scape" exhibition which was restful and wonderful.

Her favorite piece in that was porcelain bowls floating gently and randomly bumping into each other.
When they did, the whole room sounded of ethereal chimes.  And then quiet returned.  Some people sate for hours; it was that meditative.

Celeste Bursier-Mougenot, Clinamen v. 3, porcelain
bowls, plywoodp polyvinyl chloride, water pump,
resitance water heater and water

Johm Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea in which the Filmmaker explores man's relationship with the sea and its role in the history of slavery, migration, and conflict, literature, industry and other worldly and timeless matters.

Reviewers have called it "sublime," "ravishing," "awful," "utterly immersive."  Ciwt found it all that and more.


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