Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Not Quite Seduced --- Day 7/14

Walk: Legion of Honor (Casanova Exhibition)
Distance: Not far.  Drove.  No PT, yoga or anything.

Diarama from Casanova: the Seduction of Europe exhibiton at the Legion of Honor

The Legion has done a superlative job collecting and displaying 18th century paintings, costumes, furniture and furnishings and from all over the world for their current Casanova show.  If you a Canaletto fan 
Giovanni Antonio CanalRegatta View from Ca'Foscari, 1727, o/c

this show is a Must See.  There are more Caneletto's in this exhibition than there are in all of Italy, his home country. In case you wonder where the most Caneletto's hang, that would be in Buckingham Palace where the Royal Family have 50! Caneletto's on the wall of their dining room.

But, if you are like Ciwt, there is only so much interest you can bring to that man and his frivolous-appearing era .

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