Saturday, March 31, 2018

Whoops --- Day 7/36

Walk: Legion of Honor, Hood
Distance: 3.4 miles

Ciwt recently learned that a friend wrote the book Whoops I'm in Business.  Fabulous title!  And top rated by Amazon and Good Reads.  Maybe Ciwt should have read it before beginning her little art tour business (one tour down today, 3 to go this week).  

Then on her way home from giving the tour she listened to Ira Glass on This American Life.  His topic was the pitfalls of turning your passion or hobby into business.  He gave his own experience with those (the main one being numbing out on your passion - to the point where you don't have it any more 😞) and also interviewed a River Dance dancer-singer who had gotten so disconnected from her performances that she was beyond even phoning it in as she danced night after night, week after week.  (At the end of the show, Glass announced that the dancer had retired from the show and had come out with her own singing album.  Hope that's going okay....).  Truth be told, that's pretty much what happened to Ciwt's yoga teaching and bookstore operating.

Luckily Ciwt is still enjoying her art business and just had a terrific tour with a delightful, curious and intelligent (young) couple who were really interested in learning about art - and had great senses of humor. Yes!! Just exactly what Ciwt had in mind.  The trick for her (and many creative 'performers' probably) is lots of nice space between tours.  Wonder if that's in Rich Stim's book - probably, he's so smart.  And also writing Young Adults books that kids are giving Rave reviews!*

*I Didn't Kill Your Cat 
 I Didn't Steal Your Mermaid. and others...

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