Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oscar Fashion Mystery --- Day 7/13

Walk: Walgreens for new Shingles Shot
Distance: 2 miles

Ciwt was mystified when one of her more fashionable friends texted to say she LOVED Frances McDormand's Oscar dress.  Ciwt loves most things about McDormand, but she didn't love that dress  .  To Ciwt, watching on TV,  it was kind of a green blur that made FMcD's face and hair look green as well.

So how could her friend have loved it - and thought it was just perfect for the two time Oscar winner?
It turned out her friend hadn't actually seen the Oscars and saw the dress the next day in pictures.  Here are dress and star again in good lighting
Beautifully crafted dress that captures something about McDormand's essence, vibrant skin, blond hair.

Mystery solved.

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