Sunday, March 25, 2018

Impossilble Beauty and Athleticism and Ciwt --- Day 7/32

Walk: Cinema Club (Borg McEnroe), SF Ballet (Robbins and Broadway)
Distance: 5.3 miles

Today Ciwt was treated to a double header of Beautiful Athletic Perfection.

Her Cinema Club movie was about Bjorn Borg, the great Swedish tennis player who won Wimbledon five years in a row and is still the only male player who has accomplished that feat*.  Even the also impossibly wonderful Roger Federer, who has won eight Wimbledon titles, has had years off in between.

Then it was off to the outstanding San Francisco Ballet and their gorgeous, dedicated, supremely talented young dancers.  One of their principal dancers who was on stage for a twenty three minute virtual solo was so perfectly chiseled it was like watching a dancing David.


* NB, Gentlemen: Martina Navratilova did it in six consecutive years.  Her record still stands.

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