Saturday, March 3, 2018

Red Carpet Predictions Time --- Day 7/10

Walk: Presidio Theater (Phantom Thread x2)
Distance: 3 miles, PT, Yoga

Best Actor

Ciwt is just home from seeing Daniel Day-Lewis's 'hallowed' performance in Phantom Thread for the second time.  The only movie she went to twice this year (unusual) and the only category she will throw something across the room if her favorite doesn't win an Oscar.  Gary Oldman is consistently outstanding in whatever movie he's in including this year's Darkest Hour, but Day-Lewis is in a category all his own.

She's steeled for Best Actress disappointment.  Sally Hawkins should win for literally carrying The Shape of Water, but she won't get the Oscar.  Frances McDormand will which is fine with Ciwt.

Oh wait, there's a second disappointment she's expecting: Willem daFoe whose supporting actor performance gave The Florida Project humanity and soul.  And please, please don't give Supporting Actress to Allison Janney.  Like the real mother, Janney was an off-the-charts bitch in I, Tonya, but how hard is that to play, especially when there are videos of the prototype?

Okay, here go the rest of Ciwt's predictions. 

Best Picture                                                The Shape of Water*
Best Director                                              Guillermo del Toro
Best Actor                                                  Daniel Day-Lewis !!!!
Best Actress                                               Frances McDormand
Best Supporting Actor                               Sam Rockwell
Best Supporting Actress                            Laurie Metcalf* (although probably Allison Janney)
Animated Feature                                      Coco
Cinematography                                        The Shape of Water*   
Costume Design                                        The Shape of Water
Documentary Feature                                ? Ciwt missed doc this year due to house arrest
Documentary Short Subject                       Ditto
Film Editing                                               Dunkirk
Foreign Language                                     The Insult
Makeup and Hairstyling                            ? Ciwt only saw one nominee
Original Score                                           Phantom Thread, Jonny Greenwood
Original Song                                            Remember Me, Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez
Production Design                                    The Shape of Water
Short Film, Animated                               Revolting Rhymes
Short Film, Live Action                            DeKalb Elementary
Sound Editing                                            Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Sound Mixing                                            Dunkirk (No clue about either Sound category actually)
Visual Effects                                            Star Wars: The Last Jedi  (?)
Adapted Screenplay                                  Call Me By Your Name
Original Screenplay                                  Lady Bird

* Close contenders: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Allison Janney, Dunkirk

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