Friday, January 29, 2021

Make Way for Super Kids --- Day 9/284

Walk: Presidio Pickleball

Distance: 2.5 miles, 90 minutes pickle, yoga stretch

Ella Emhoff                           Amanda Gorman

Juat when Ciwt was thinking about writing an entry or two about fabric and fashion she remembered the images of these two brilliant young fashionistas.  Icons already!  

She'd also been thinking of a friend's grandson who is applying to colleges.  He has never seen a grade much less than 4/A, is an accomplished woodworker and photographer and who knows what other achievements. In Ciwt's day, colleges would have been competing to recruit him. But, these days, as her friend points out "...if he had the cure for cancer he’d be able to take his pick, but short of that, it’s kind of a crap shoot."

It's like a super race evolving.  The kids seem to be nice, normal, taking it amazingly in stride and Ciwt finds it is uplifting to see and hear about.  Go kids!!

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