Sunday, January 24, 2021

Urgent Blueberry --- Days 9/277, 278 &279

 Walk: 1, Books Inc, Presidio Pickleball 2. Presidio Pickleball, Urgent Care, Mollie Stone's  3. Trader Joe's, Presidio Pickleball

Distance: 1. 4 miles 90 minutes pickle 2. 4 miles, 90 minutes pickle  2. the same

So yesterday Ciwt's thumb suddenly turned the color of blueberries.  The thumb where she'd gotten a cut assembling a pickleball net ten days ago.

A bit alarmed, she went to Dr. Internet and found pictures that looked exactly like her blue/black thumb.  Dr. Internet then told her she had an infected thumb that would possibly need to be amputated UNLESS she got antibiotics immediately!! Anxiety ensued.  

Since it was Saturday and doctors' offices were closed, her only recourse turned out to be an Urgent Care facility.  Urgent Care!?  Anxiety turned to panic because Ciwt's idea of Urgent Care places was that they were swamped with people, most of whom had covid 19.  Her blue thumb might lead to amputation but Urgent Care would surely be the complete end of Ciwt.

Well, those CIWT readers who are more informed and together know exactly what mistakes she made.  First of all (and she knew this but didn't listen to herself), you do not ever use Dr. Internet as your physician.  Unless you want to get Ciwt's results: dire information and complete panic.  Secondly, Urgent Care is a level of medical attention for exactly her needs: conditions that are Not considered emergencies but still require medical care within 24 hours - like possibly infected cuts. It is totally professional, spacious, sanitary and only lets in one or two people at a time these days.  Oh, and people needing Urgent Care for covid testing are sent to a completely separate facility.

So, after all her panic and resistance, her blueberry thumb turned out to provide a useful learning experience for Ciwt.  And if you're wondering if she's on antibiotics for an infection today, the answer is .... No.  No infection and sometimes bruising is (substantially) delayed.  

It might be a while before she looks at blueberries the same way though...

If you could use more information on what to do if a big or littlish (like a cut finger) medical event comes up, here's a good, concise site:

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