Thursday, January 28, 2021

**Capital Knowlege --- Day 9/283

Walk: mailbox in the rain 

Distance: 1 mile,  yoga

So the other day Ciwt wrote a whole entry about art in the U.S. Capital Building.  She wrote it, proof read it, posted it and went about her Blursday.   

Maybe you caught it.  Luckily one of her most faithful readers did and sent Ciwt a gentle message pointing out that the building our representatives occupy in our nation's Capital is the U.S. Capitol BuildingIt sits on Capitol Hill in the Capital.

Thank you, alert, supportive reader and editor!  Ciwt rushed to replace all those capitals (except the headline) with capitols.  

As if she knew that but had just overlooked the misuse of the word. But actually it was just a cover up. Sometimes/Always honest, Ciwt must confess that she'd proofread just fine. The mistake lay in the fact that she has apparently been playing fast and loose with Capital/Capitol for quite a while - even though she lived in the Capital and worked on Capitol Hill.  Were it not for her reader/editor, the Days 9/280 -281 entry would have stood as is forever.

Capitol now joins a couple of other words Ciwt simply doesn't retain or something.  Knowledge is another. Throughout her schooling, she was dinged consistently for: acknowlegement, knowledgable, etc.  Several times one teacher had her copy the correct spelling 50 times each so she'd get it right. Then back she came with foreknowlege.

For some reason she's a whiz at (or only has to think a moment about) some of the most misspelled and misused words like:  Practice/Practise;  Affect/Effect;  Discrete/Discreet;  Enquiry/Inquiry.  But then there are those days she tries to figure out how to spell 'the' by sounding it out. T-u? T-u-h? Th-a?

Maybe you have a few of those word confusions yourself.  If not, Ciwt hopes you'll forgive her and keep reading CIWT.  

Yes you say?  Oh, Capital!


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