Saturday, August 11, 2012

1,000 Points of Lighter --- Day 217

Walk: Mindful Body, around the house
Distance: 1 mile and teach yoga

While listening to Outside Lands* on Tune In and even hearing a dim bit of it wafting in on the ocean breeze (wind I should say) I've been working on my goal of getting rid of 1,000 things.  Have finally had enough of the sounds of either Explosions in the Sky or Gene Hunt - although the name of the first band pretty much describes the experience.  Also probably enough clearing for now.  You try not to have it happen, but even when you're tossing things as mundane as bandaids or toothpicks, your life has a way of passing in front of you - so these weed outs are at least as emotionally draining as they are physical. With a good night's rest, back at it tomorrow.

*So, what is Outside Lands?  A three-day outdoor music festival featuring many current performers and bands I've never heard of as well as a few I have this year: Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Norah Jones, Two Gallants (I know their parents!).  Tickets start at $165 for the day, and are sold out for all 3 days.  (Not to be confused with another 3-day festival: Not Strictly Bluegrass which is free, a gift to San Francisco from the late Warren Hellman).     See below for why you might be glad there are no more tickets - The howling wind isn't visible but you can see the fog coming in in the background.  Yay for being 20-something!!

Outside Lands attendees listen to Beck at Polo Field stage at Golden Gate Park on Friday, Aug 10, 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. Photo: Yue Wu, The Chronicle / SF

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