Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teeny things that go bump in the night -- Day 215

Walk: Mindful Body, Corte Madera Shopping
Distance: 1+ miles 

Just subbed a class after coming back from Marin and Trader Joe's.  But before all that I got back into the great purse caper.  This time it entails emptying everything out of every purse, handbag, tote.  All those little receipts, Kleenexes, pills, bandaids, little organized bags of lipstick, mints, nail clippers that you never opened or used and same with those organized little sacks of combs, brushes and hair stuff you also never used.  Keys, notebooks, pens, business cards (yours and others'), scraps of notes, gum, power bars.  And now they are all over my bedroom floor, and I know they will crawl all over me as I sleep if I don't organize or throw them.  It's the same as those piles of papers that go deeper and deeper as you work through them.  Only, not being a purse person, I don't clean them our/ do this very often - like years.

So, no more time to say hello/goodbye until the leetle things are corralled. 


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