Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Sunday, San Francisco --- Day 232

Walk: Embarcadero Theater (Searching for Sugar Man), Chinatown, Nob Hill
Distance:  4 Miles

After seeing Searching for Sugar Man (GO!), I missed the bus back to Pacific Heights.  Luckily!  Because I got to walk home through a few of the myriad worlds that are San Francisco. 

Across the street from the theater I heard beautiful, ethereal (but strong) music, looked around and saw members of an Indian wedding coming out of the building where it had taken place.  Gorgeous, richly colored dresses on the women, and the men all in white.  Because of privacy I didn't want to come closer so you'll have to imagine.

Then a few blocks up Sacramento a musician was playing her accordian for a large group of pedestrians that had gathered to listen.  You can barely see her behind the woman in the white tee as she takes her bow and the crowd disperses.

A respite at Grace Cathedral on top of Nob Hill then out to Jackson Street.  This San Francisco is just one incredible place!  I've been here over 40 years, and, like a kid at a candy store,  it never, never ceases to be a wonder to me.


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