Monday, August 20, 2012

One Trick Cindy and Yay!!! --- Day 226

Walk: SFMOMA, Yoga Tree Hayes
Distance: 3 miles and take class

Feeling a bit pressed for time, so want to briefly remind those of you who live in San Francisco of the Cindy Sherman show. (Minneapolis people; it will come to the Walker next). Went twice again today - once on own with a docent friend and then again on an excellent docent tour.  You can glean Cindy Sherman's message on your own, but a good tour leader can impart biographical or artistic details you might not have known/noticed.  The thing that impressed me most today was the fact that Cindy Sherman's artistic vision never wavered from early high school projects and has built upon it, deepened it, brought new techniques to it to the present.  This is quite astounding and highly unusual.  Most artists 'try out' various styles, subjects, techniques until they encounter what truly interests them and suits their talents.

The 'real' Cindy Sherman...

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