Monday, August 13, 2012

Hanging in while tossing out --- Day 219

Walk: Yoga Tree Hayes
Distance:  3 miles and take yoga class

Getting rid of 1,000 things around the house necessitates opening every drawer, every cabinet under every sink, looking under beds, couches, chairs and thus encountering virtually every bit of your past.  As this happens and the movie I go to (Beasts of the Southern Wild) is metaphorically about the end of the planet, and the person I hear interviewed on Fresh Air (Peter Heller) is talking about his new novel (The Dog Stars) on the same subject I admit to small waves of terror.  In my small way, 1,000 parts of life as I know it is disappearing. 

Instead of dreading my next Dr.'s appointment - whenever that is - I try to think instead of friends of mine who 3 or so years ago did an even more serious weed out.  Like me, they had no idea where they were headed with it, just that somehow the time had come to Pare Down.  Then, toward the end of that process, a beautiful houseboat came on the market at an incredible price.  So, they ended up moving from their large house with many rooms and closets to a gorgeous, serene home on the water with virtually no closet space.  So, these things do go on for positive reasons.  I tell myself....

Ooooh, just realized, if I let every empty hanger count for one item and can find a dry cleaner to take them......!

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