Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mint --- Day 221

Walk:  A-Dock Sausalito, Mill Valley
Distance:  2 Miles (?)

This little store in Mill Valley is the freshest, most unpredictable and delightful I've encountered in a long time.  Most items are crafted by local artisans.  What is soft is Sooo soft, and what is charming is sooo charming, and what get the picture. 
I'm beginning to wonder if this 1,000 things clear out (I'm at 750) might lead to something.  A move? Felt nice to walk with a friend in the sun and redwoods today.  Another friend had called earlier in the day re: a house available on the lake where I grew up, and then there is a small road trip to my old home town in Idaho on the horizon.  At the very least it felt good today to be away deciding whether what I'm looking at around here is a remnant of my past or part of the present. 

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