Friday, August 17, 2012

Pillow Silence --- Day 223

Walk: Mindful Body, Deck gardening
Distance: 1 mile and yoga class

Sad day around here: my friendly, soft, thin, old pillow finally lost its down stuffing and had to be thrown away.  This is like losing that threadbare teddy bear you've carried around since infancy. Irreplaceable; they literally don't make pillows like mine any more.

Locating the right pillow is such a demanding process there is at least one web site that is devoted exclusively to helping shoppers sort out the criteria.  As they explain (and we all know from experience):  Bed pillows are an important part of our sleep process. If we choose the wrong one, we can find our slumber less than satisfying and wake up with possible neck pain and soreness that can adversely affect our entire day. Since we spend about one third of our lives sleeping, it is important to choose the right bed pillow

Wish me luck.

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