Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jeopardy Awaits --- Day 236

Walk: A few errands
Distance: not much; private yoga practice (back to yoga; interesting to have taken 9 days off.   More later on that)

I don't have cable so only get the networks.  And they All took Alex Trebek and other shows away so I entered through the back door to watching the Republican convention.  I could have not watched anything but decided it was the higher ground to spend my time/mind on this part of the national debate leading to the presidential election.  I think it has been a worthwhile and good decision.  Tonight Mitt Romney gives his acceptance speech, so I will watch that.  Jeopardy awaits.

PS - Closed out on this post, went to my inbox and found the Republicans/Yahoo News (which I do not subscribe to) had somehow found a way into my inbox AND when I pushed the button offering me the opportunity to stop any coverage, it took me to Another Republican site.  This I Don't Like. At All!

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