Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dudleya --- Day 224

Walk: Mindful Body, Pets Unlimited
Distance:  2 Miles and teach yoga

This is Dudleya, a rosette-forming succulent native to California and abutting states and Mexico.  They are tough, hardy, grow well in pots and can survive upwards to 100 years (hmmm..).  The genus is named after William Russell Dudley, the first head of the botany department at Stanford University. Judging from the flower one of the plants on my deck is producing, this is likely Dudleya Anthonyi.  I forget that succulents bloom once a year, so it is always a happy surprise to look out and see a stalk of flowers.  Specially nice now because the days are getting shorter and you can really sense the light beginning to dim and the year beginning to wane.  Also, yoga students are starting to return to class from summer homes, trips, weekend jaunts.  Subtle signs....

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