Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Enjoy Your Meal ---- Day 320

Walk: Mindful Body (Acupuncture), de Young (Paley, Nureyev and one room of American collection)
Distance: 6+ miles

Thinking about all the meals people will be sitting down to tomorrow, I visited this portrait (sorry, a bit fuzzy) while at the de Young today.  Dinner Table at Night by John Singer Sargent.  I'm sure I've sat at this woman's table and probably seen her at boarding school events.  I know the pursed lips/tight mouth, the direct conversation with us/her dinner guest and the remoteness of her husband who is financially in the opulent picture but facing away and not entirely in the portrait.  I know the gleaming silver, the perfectly controlled environment.  I know the correct utensils, posture, conversational topics and the feeling of emptiness even after the maid has cleared away the last plates from a sumptuous meal.

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