Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tosca --- Day 324

Walk: Opera Building (Tosca)
Distance: 1 mile

I get to 2-3 operas every year thanks in large part to the proximity of so many places and events in San Francisco.  Personal growth is right at your fingertips; you sort of just can't...

By now I've been to enough to think I can evaluate what I've seen.  At the beginning - especially when there were no supertitles - I felt like such a hick not understanding most of what I was looking at and completely unable to know good from whatever. Now I also buy good seats;  then I used to stand in back which is a life of its own.  Standing is more social in its relaxed way, but I find that at some point in my more expensive seats I begin talking with the person next to me, and usually have a very rich conversation.  People at operas are interesting I find.

So, what did I think of Tosca today?  Okay, Cavaradosi, the tenor, did not hold my interest particularly. The music is beautiful with gorgeous arias but, I hate to say it, to me kind of boring between arias.  My favorite singer today was the man who played the evil Scarpia, Robert Frontali.

Today's Tosca, Angela Gheorghiu, is beautiful, especially in black.  But I think I especially would have loved to have been able to see Maria Callas (below) as Tosca.  Wouldn't a Lot of people?!

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