Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kluft and Skyfall are both winners --- Day 310

Walk: Mancini Mattress (bought a Kluft), Sundance Kabuki (Skyfall)
Distance: 5 miles

Skyfall is a must see for Bond adventure fans. It is actually very comprehensible, has some depth and poignancy, regular (not over the top) gorgeous cars.  The acting is excellent from beginning to end.  Daniel Craig has totally grown on me, and, as always for me, Javier Bardem is worth the price of admission.  The scenes with him and Craig are kinky fun. And, finally, Judi Dench gets to be the great Judi Dench she is.

Something for you to look forward to - as I look forward to the arrival of my new you-know-what (mattress if you don't) tomorrow.


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