Friday, June 19, 2015

Name Dropping and Being Dropped --- Day 4/141

Walk: Sloat Garden Center
Distance: 3 miles and 2 small home yoga

President Barack Obama speaks to a mayor's conference in San Francisco, California, on Friday, June 19, 2015.

President Obama has deserted Ciwt's 'hood.  She learned this walking home from Sloat Garden Center (stay tuned) during which she heard helicopters overhead at intervals.  Too many and too close for TV traffic reports, what was up?  Then she came around a usually quiet corner and saw a long line of stalled traffic. Wha?  Turning toward California Street she saw a cavalcade of flashing lights and then a large,shiny black motorized 'box' zip around the corner just ahead.  The President!! of course. Ciwt knew because she is no stranger to Presidential motorcades* - and because anyone with the least intelligence would recognize one: flashing lights, motorcycles galore, every conceivable silent black automobile (vans, stationwagons, coupes), and the electricity in the air.  It's Fun!  "Obama just drove by!" a smiling stranger told me.  And a father walked by with his small son explaining what a president is - actually it sounded like he was telling him about our entire political system so I imagine the son was completely checked out.

Probably headed out to Sea Cliff Ciwt surmises....  Now she's home and  helicopters are again overhead, so maybe he is on his way to another event - near here.  Maybe he hasn't abandoned Ciwt's 'hood after all!!

* See CIWT Days 41, 2/88, 2/123
PS  On the other hand, Hillary Clinton might be just down the block.  Shhhh...

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