Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Game's the Thing --- Day 4/138

Walk: Not really
Distance: around, up and down, 2 home yoga practices

      Steph Curry                                  LeBron James

Seven minutes until the 6th game of the NBA finals begins.  When your team is in any finals, it changes the whole temper and tempo of going around town.  Ciwt in San Francisco finds herself talking with total strangers at check out counters or on the streets or just about every where. Everyone is engaged - even those like Ciwt who has not until a couple of weeks ago followed basketball. Grandkids are reporting their grandparents are getting into it for the first time, and hockey kids are finally joining their basketball Dads in front of the TV.

Engagement in these games is made easier by two telegenic, personable, Fabulous players, Steph Curry and LeBron James.  Curry is graceful, lithe, tricky with the dribbling and James is so off-the-charts great there is strong conversation about him being MVP of the finals even if his team loses. That has happened exactly once in the history of the NBA.

OK, Ciwt is off to watch.  She can hear her readers thinking "Whew, Ciwt, what a basketball bore you've become!"

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