Monday, June 1, 2015

Purple Pain --- Day 4/123

Walk: Monday Errands
Distance: 3 miles, possible small home yoga

As Ciwt walked past this house today she thought about a few things.  First, that she knows the owner of the house two doors away to be a complete perfectionist who flies to Florence (or somewhere in Italy) to buy the gold gilt for her discreetly tasteful house  .

Now with the block looking like this  Ciwt wonders if there have been any neighborly objections.  There were big time ones a few decades ago right down the way from Ciwt when Danielle Steel's neighbor painted her house purple (soft lavender and pretty, Ciwt thought), and Ms. Steel's husband went ballistic - a la Pacific Heights.  He used his social clout to contact his friend, Herb Caen, the gossip columnist, and merciless columns were written.  To no avail because the neighbor with the purple/lavender house turned out to be none other than the famous and beloved Linda Ronstadt.

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