Friday, June 1, 2012

And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon.. -- Day 146

Walk: R/T SFJCC and Kabuki Theater (again!) (Moonrise Kingdom)
Distance:  4 Miles, yoga class and stationary bike

So, why is our blogger going to so many movies these days?  A. Because I can and I like them, but B. because I've been a bit felled by some allergy/sinusitis thing and don't have much rip-roaring energy - or even just normal energy.  Finally went the antibiotic, antihistamine route yesterday, and am already feeling better today.  Yea for Western medicine when you need it!

The whole allergy thing has prompted me to be more diligent in the future about specific aerobic exercise.  I think the hazard of teaching an athletic/physical activity is that you kind of lose track of your own personal training/fitness.  When I'm active teaching a class and walking, I feel as if I've done my exercise, and forget that working out on my own could be beneficial.  Anyway, look for me to be posting aerobic activities as well as walks - or to notice when I don't.

I should probably mention that during this allergy/sinus time I've also 'had' a heart condition, clinical depression, and probably leukemia.  A few blogs about overcoming hypochrondria are probably in my future.

Meanwhile, I think Moonrise Kingdom  is even more brilliant than I realize shortly after seeing it.  It comes from such a deeply poetic/artistic/probably musical place that it is possible that the writers and director don't know the whole of what they've said. 

Moonrise Kingdom

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