Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let sleeping cats lie*.. --- Day 150

Walk: R/T MB, several trips up and down stairs to street(if you saw them, you'd be impressed)
Distance: 1 mile and teach

When her sister, Tika,  died a little over a year ago, my cat Callie began to sleep with me.  I felt sorry for her losing her sister and let her do it for a while.  Well, when will I ever learn that when cats find something they like it becomes an instant pattern?  They do not do it for a while.  Similar mental lapse when I took my first trip after Tika died and found Callie a catsitter who stayed with her while I was away.  Now, between my/our/her bed, cleaning girl and catsitter, she has learned she never, ever has to be alone - and I pay for my travel as well as Callie's live in while I'm away and probably with the allergies I've been mentioning lately while I'm here.

Oh, well, I'd hate to have her be uncomfortable (if that is possible for cats).

* Like Jon Carroll, the San Francisco Chronicle columnist I like, I will allow myself to have the dreaded cat column from time to time.

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