Saturday, June 9, 2012

New K. Libbey Nash Altarpiece Triptych --- Day 154

Walk: R/T Mindful Body, bunch of stair trips
Distance:  @1 mile and Teach

Here's my new triptych.  An iphone shot in full light and very blurry if I try to blow it up so you can see it better; I'll have to try again when I return from my trip.  I'm thrilled with it: the piece itself by K. Libbey Nash and the rich, beautiful, sensitive framing supervised by Kathleen and completed by her framer, Dave, with help from his wife and their dog who wagged his/her tail the most at the final choice of mat and frame.

Such a fine job.  I was really stunned to see the complete piece.  (It was done at my request back in Minnesota where I saw and purchased the unframed piece).  I was included in the decision making process, but as it played out it was really up to them back there because this is subtle work, and the iphone photos just don't read the colors precisely.  I feel it could easily hold its own in a museum near medieval altarpieces.

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