Saturday, June 16, 2012

Busy with the Open --- Day 161

Walk: R/T Mindful Body and Sports Basement
Distance:  3 Miles and teach

The U.S. Open is here in San Francisco.  I'm rooting for Tiger (but it's not looking good).  My father manufactured golf clothes, golf was a huge part of our family life on many levels, and, no matter what you think of Tiger, golf needs him.  When Tiger is on top young people are attracted to the game, and many people in general flock to courses, clubs, professional lessons, golf clothes, just the game of golf in general.  Tiger is a Huge draw, a Huge reason for the economic upswing of golf. And vice versa: when Tiger is down, clubs, courses, pros, clothing manufacturers, golf periodicals, etc. fail - literally, fail.  So, Go Tiger!

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