Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How much is that date in the window? -- Day 164

Walk:  R/T Mindful Body and Stockton/Sutter Garage to Dentist
Distance: 1 Mile and teach

Quite a while ago I paid Big Money (as they say on Wheel of Fortune; not really that Big) to Table for Two (a 'more exclusive' version of Table for Six).  It's an introductory service.  Over the years I've considered (but not very seriously) Match.com, Harmony.com and others, then for some reason (mostly that an old boyfriend is actually participating plus you don't have to post your picture on line) I decided I'd give one of the candidates - just one, once - a whirl.  Table got my vote.

After about a month they found one person for me to meet.  He actually ended up living just a few blocks away and being a member of a club where I exercise.  No spark, but, after a slightly glitchy start, we're sort of light-hearted friends having early dinners from time to time.  So, I felt lucky he was a quality person and also not to have had one of those ghastly experiences you hear about. 

Now, five months later comes my second introduction. It doesn't seem 'on paper' like we will have much in common but hopefully it won't be a negative event for either of us. We'll do lunch. (I had to do some manipulating to arrange that instead of dinner which I also did for my first introduction.  But lunches are so much easier.  Walks or something would be even more so but Table insists on some more 'romantic' setting) 

Same hope for a week from tonight with my third introduction.  Couldn't arrange lunch with him so we'll meet at 7 downtown for a drink.  They have guaranteed seven introductions in a year, and the time is passing so I imagine they are scrambling.

Stay tuned..

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