Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The many faces of age --- Day 165

Walk: R/T Annabelle's/Stockton-Sutter Garage and misc.
Distance: 1 Mile

Well, he was a very nice man.  Attractive, easy to converse with, leads an interesting, active life.  For me he is a bit old but v. nice looking, fit, dapper.  A good catch I'd say.  For him I would imagine he thinks I'm a bit too young (maybe) but mostly that I'm quite different from the extremely wealthy, social/socialites he seems to be used to being around and possibly is seeking.  I've been in that social stratosphere (many years ago) and have no wish to go there again. It isn't a fit.  On the other hand, I think he fits with them perfectly and am surprised some wealthy woman hasn't snagged him.  (He's been married twice: first wife died and second marriage ended in divorce).

So that's my report on date 2.  Once again, I consider myself fortunate and found him to be very worthwhile company.  We'll probably do a few things together: listen to jazz, attend some sort of sporting event; he's definitely a man about town and elsewhere.

After the semi-highbrow lunch with him  I went to Marin and stood in line for last minute Furthur (jam band) tickets.  Missed out by one - ie, the last ticket was sold right before my next-person-in-line eyes.  Totally different world.  And talk about too old, I hate to think what the other people in line were thinking of me.  So there you go....

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