Friday, June 22, 2012

Say Goodnight, Gracie -- Day 167

Walk: R/T Mindful Body and Misc.
Distance: 1.5 Mile and teach class

Well, see, there is this Dodger game on Monday night, and only a dork would refuse an invitation.  So, on Monday I will sub 4!! classes for a traveling teacher, come home, and change quickly into really warm clothes so I can go to a Giants game with my new Table acquaintance.  That's a quantum leap in Monday yoga activity on top of which will be a baseball game.  Somewhere my father must be laughing.  He had great season tickets to our local team - coveted by all but me.  My idea of entrapment in those teenage days was having to sit through an interminable (to me) baseball game, so of course my father would go out of his way to set up situations where I couldn't refuse to do so.  Like mention an up-coming game to the young man/baseball lover I was dating along with the fact that he was busy and would gladly give us tickets.  Who is going to stand between a baseball lover and great tickets - or not pull themselves together for a Giants-Dodgers game?  Not a girl who trained in Boys Town. 

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