Saturday, June 30, 2012

Empty Plus Intrigue Day 175

Walk: R/T Mindful Body, Trader Joe's
Distance: 3 Miles and Teach

Did I tell you about at least one of the Table 'dates' probably being a (paid) regular used by Table?  There's been a consistent empty quality to the very polite conversations and 'events' I've had with my Table introductions that didn't square with how you'd converse with someone you were meeting in order to either date or see if you had any friendship/acquaintance future. So I began asking these men how it was going with Table, why they had joined and got sort of vapidly plausible responses.

But then my baseball game 'date' responded 'Huh?' at the end of the evening over drinks when I asked why he'd joined an introduction service.  "Ah Ha!" I thought.  So, I pursued, "You know, what kind of woman are you looking to meet?"  "Looking to meet?!  I don't understand.  I'm not looking to meet anyone."  Me, staring.  Him after pause "They call me..."  You get the picture.  Then he kind of covered "I like people; I like to meet people..."  Yes, that seemed very true; he's a total man about town, knows everyone, goes everywhere.  But someone who is essentially a professional escort possibly paid by the service is not who I or any woman is paying an introduction service to meet.  As I said, I got a similar feeling about my first introduction, and who knows what was going on with introduction 3.

So, I'm guessing we're looking at fraud - by Table and possibly by the 'introductions' who may be somehow compensated by Table.  Personally we're also looking at an insulting, empty (at best) experience.

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