Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Whites -- Day 151

Walk: R/T Mindful Body, R/T Fillmore Street
Distance: 3 Miles, Yoga Class, Try on summer (?) clothes

Here I am in the proverbial full closet with 'nothing' to wear situation.  Reason:  I will go to summer, whatever that is, in a few days.  Here in San Francisco we live in permanent, Permanent Fall.  So colors, weight of clothes, sleevelength, layers are pretty much geared to that: dark, mid-weight, long, warm.  As I dimly recall summer, those clothes will be preetty uncomfortable in heat and humidity.  So I'm floundering through my selection for the coming trip to whatever we call that place where you grew up.
Even if I have the clothes right, the skin tone won't be.  Remember how we used to point and laugh at white legs.  Well, what comes around goes around....

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