Friday, June 15, 2012

'Our' Lake House --- Day 160

Walk: R/T Ivy Restaurant
Distance: 1 mile and yoga class

This is 'our' Lake House, that is my grandparents' lake/summer house which we all called The Lake House and where we all spent many hours.  Especially me.  I was raised here until age 4 when Mom, Dad, my younger brother (there were two more to come) and I moved to Connecticut along with my Grandparents' caretaker, dear, dear Zenon and his dog Nip.  When we returned I rode my bike here nearly daily in the summers and played tennis and took my boat out onto the lake - toodling around by myself, and over to friends' houses for waterskiing and swimming.  Everyone in our family loved this house, and we all have many happy memories.

The Lake House was sold in 1970.

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