Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Fabulous!!! (Hmmmm) -- Day 166

Walk:  R/T JCC, Sports Basement, Urban Outfitters
Distance: 2 miles and Yoga Therapy exercises

Cont:  So the Table people called today to find out how it went.  They reported that my date thought I was Fabulous! and would Definitely like to see me again!!  Who knows what he really said.  Probably something like I said: "(S)He's very nice, attractive and easy to talk with.  I had an enjoyable lunch."  When asked if he'd like to see me again, he probably said something like, "Sure" as I did. But they probably reported something like "She's Really looking forward to your call!!!"

Oh well, as I said, he mentioned jazz and a sporting event.  So we'll probably do something along those lines if he calls.  I was just introduction #2 for him, and I would guess they have many, many women to introduce him to.  Anyway, if I see him we can work out the way Table oversells us all to each other. 

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