Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yoga Therapy --- Day 148

Day of Rest  

Spent much of the afternoon surfing about Yoga Therapy.  Think I'll let thoughts sink in.  Off the top I feel some are truly called to this, and, more importantly that Yoga Therapy as a healing modality is very
for real.  This is a broad base of practices actually - meditation, chanting, breathwork, ayurvedic cooking, mindful eating, massage of many types, asana of various types (vini, yin, etc) - and it is certainly the way yoga is going in our culture.  When I got my antibiotics last week my doctor told me yoga is very close to being covered by Medicare - so there should be some work for those with Yoga Therapy training.  If that happens, and it is an avenue of gainful employment, those employed will be standing on the shoulders of many dedicated healers who have been working unsung for a pittance for many, many years.

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