Saturday, November 2, 2013

12 Years Dead On --- Day 2/294

Walk: Mindful Body, Sundance Kabuki (12 Years a Slave)
Distance: 2 miles and teach yoga class

Went to 12 Years a Slave and can't quite pull myself up from the thudding continuum of the movie for any kind of sparkling thoughts.  Movie is Oscar level acted, probably quite accurate about the realities of slavery, but relentlessly difficult to take.  You're just never off the hook - which is clearly what they had in mind since the slaves weren't.  I did my usual pre-movie check of the Rotten Tomatoes number, saw 95 or something, and off I went.  I never read the reviews until after the movie, so wasn't quite prepared.  It is not Tarantino or Django Unchained; you are not in the theater to be entertained.

Off to read reviews.  See you tomorrow....

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