Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting Down with Zorn - Finally --- Day 2/311

Walk: Legion of Honor
Distance: 18 blocks and teach yoga class

Okay, I think I've finally resolved my thinking on Anders Zorn's art.  To wit, he is the most perfect watercolor artist I have ever encountered.  His watercolors look in images like they are oils.  But instead as Zorn handles watercolor he achieves the luminosity and depth of oils. Skin tones glow naturally. Water displays shape,movement and sparkle color so true it comes across like a photograph.  He's truly a watercolor genius, painting on small, medium and very large sheets with the same virtuosity.

These are watercolors (many of them 2'x3' or larger , flawless with no underlying drawing.  You have to be brave, utterly assured, a technical master to do this.  As you look at his show, you can hear artists commenting on how extremely difficult this level of proficiency is, especially capturing water):



ETC...(and amen to my grasping Zorn obsession.  I think)

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