Friday, November 22, 2013

Viva Vitalism -- Day 2/314

Walk: Mindful Body, Laurel Village, St. Mary's Medical Center, Best Buy
Distance: 4 miles and take yoga class

Had my annual medical 'exam' today.  My primary care doctor is a young naturopathic physician so what 'annual exam' now means is: have blood work ahead of time and then spend about an hour just talking through ciwt's life and health.  Maybe figuring out little modifications or additions here and there - with any meds a sort of last resort but still an option.

I like this.  I feel heard, that he knows me a bit.  I also feel 'empowered,' like health exists in the real world, is comprehensible - not some exotic territory that only doctors know.

Among the topics was Dr. Google, aka Dr. Net.  I told him about my propensity to go right there. And to always learn what kind of cancer I have because, if you go to Dr. Net, you will have cancer.  We discussed real onset progressions - ie, 'c' does not just instantly strike - as well as the virtual impossibility of self-diagnosing on the internet.  Hopefully I will retain this discussion; if not, he is warned and can resume re-training me.

So, the good news is that medically I'm officially 'at least' ten years younger than my years.

I was so happy to hear this, I went straight to Best Buy and finally bought that lightweight iPad air.
Now, let us hope my fingers will never walk it to Dr. Net.  

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