Friday, November 8, 2013

Operator, Give Me... Day 2/300

Walk: Mindful Body, Babette (Union Square)
Distance: 1 mile and take yoga class

Recently I've been buying some things on line.  Easy (and often cheaper cuz of no parking fees, no taxes, special sales) when you know the brand and your size - and shipping is free.  Okay, so I'm rationalizing a bit.  That's because many years ago ciwt dated a scion from Oklahoma City oil money, and once went for a visit.

When I got there, everyone - my friend, his mother and his father - had the flu and was sick as a dog.  But that didn't stop his platinum-haired mother.  The first morning I came into the living room and found her sprawled out on the couch in a white fur trimmed peignoir with telephone in hand. She was talking to someone about white interior.  "White exterior And Interior!  I won't buy it if you don't have that."  Then I heard, V-8, whitewalls,  de Ville and realized she was buying a new Cadillac convertible over the phone!

While she was talking to the dealer, the doorbell rang and whoever answered and brought in a large clothing box.  As she continued to talk, she took the box on her lap, used her letter opener to snap the strings and took out a new White, Floor length, Mink coat.

All this in my first 15 minutes.  My mid-west jaw was on the floor.  And, now every time I buy on line no matter how small a purchase, I can't help but think "Oh no, has it come to this?  Am I getting like her?"


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