Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'll Have the View, Please. --- Day 2/298

Walk: Trader Joe's, Mindful Body
Distance: 2.5 miles and take yoga class

I just love it when democracy does its thing.  To wit, here in San Francisco yesterday's ballot had a couple of propositions about building ultra-high, ultra exclusive highrises directly on the waterfront, in front of the present clear view enjoyed by all.  For months we heard glowing reports about how marvelous this would be for San Francisco from our mayor, our former mayor, our board of supervisors, bankers, realtors, etc.  Every once in a while there was a low key article or letter to the editor to the contrary but no big fuss or feud.

Instead, a quiet grass roots campaign placed the measure before the residents of San Francisco. And yesterday they went one-by-one to the voting booths and completely trounced the entire concept with their ballots.

Today the our Bay looks particularly lovely to ciwt.

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