Friday, November 15, 2013

Zorn and Timber Houses -- Day 2/307

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At the end of the Anders Zorn exhibition at the Legion yesterday I was drawn to pictures of his house in Sweden, Zorngarden, which has now become part of a small museum complex.

And I was even more interested to learn that another Zorn museum in southern Mora (Sweden), consists of over 40 timber houses which Zorn bought in his artistic travels all over the world.  He had them moved to Mora to enjoy them in his lifetime and to serve eventually as a Swedish museum ensuring that the old art of building such houses would not be forgotten. And such a wish was not lost on Ciwt because I was not sure what a timber house was until going on line to Google images.  From what I can ascertain on first viewing, they are not log houses** I don't believe, and they seem to exist primarily in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions.

Not sure if this one because it is so artful, varying dramatically from the geometric lines of the others.

**  On further research, I see log cabins are included in the timber houses category and collected by Zorn.  (See Day 2/309)

Zorns gammelgÄrd

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