Sunday, November 10, 2013

2 Academy Award Nominations Coming Up --- Day 2/302

Walk: Mindful Body, Sundance Kabuki (Dallas Buyers Club),  open house
Distance: 2.5 miles and take yoga class

As far as I can see, the Rotten Tomatoes Top Critics are 100% on Dallas Buyers Club.  Rather on Maththew McConaughey's performance.  I completely agree.  He's amazing, all the more so for once having been such a pretty boy.  Here are a few blurbs:

Dallas Buyers Club rests squarely on Matthew McConaughey's scrawny shoulders, and he carries the burden gracefully with what might be a career-best performance.

McConaughey delivers the performance of his career, characterized not just by an astonishing physical transformation but by a wellspring of deep compassion and fearlessness.

In many ways, the film is all about Matthew McConaughey, and Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee is wise enough to train his focus on the actor.

McConaughey proves he has evolved from a handsome lightweight to one of the most talented, risk-taking actors in Hollywood.

Much has been written about his career roll from rom-com to the highs of MudMagic MikeBernie and Killer JoeBut what McConaughey does here is transformative. Damn, he's good. 
[McConaughey and Leto] elevate the movie beyond ordinary biography or overplayed tragedy, and give Oscar-worthy performances in the process.

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