Monday, December 14, 2015

Glove OR --- Day 4/308

Walk: Small Errand
Distance: 6 Blocks, small yoga

                       Pre Op

Ciwt was very! pleased with some snappy gloves she snagged on Cyber Monday.  $39 marked down from something like $250.  And when they arrived they were gorgeous - and just right for her upcoming winter trip to NYC.  So she unwrapped them, cut off the tags and tossed the sales receipt just in time for the recycling pick up.  Done.   Then she smelled them.  Wrong order of activities.

Mildew**%%##.  The worst.  But the gloves are so nice.  So she went online to find general agreement that removing mildew smell is near impossible but a teeny smattering of 'how to' experts mentioning a small possibility that entails cotton balls and cheap vodka.

So Ciwt is giving it a try before tossing the 'good deal' gloves.  The operation is over, now comes the couple of days of airing out.  We'll see.....
                                                     Post Op

PS -- Isn't Ciwt and CIWT interesting during the holiday season?

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