Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Unseen Fissures --- Day 4/303

Walk: No
Distance: 0, long home yoga

Last Sunday Ciwt's Cinema Club movie was 45 Years. Apparently it felt at least that long to several Cinema Club members.

After the screening we fill out evaluation cards and leave them at a table on the way out of the theater.  Ciwt had a chance to catch some of them when she left for Die Meistersinger: Horrible, Just Awful, Way Too Long and Slow, Torture is a representative sample from the disgruntled.

But Ciwt was not among them.  To her the pace of the movie was exactly right as it showed the impact of an unexpected event on each member of a 45 year marriage and on the marriage itself.
And the acting was so good she would have been fine if the movie had moved even slower.

The two leads, Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, are institutions in their own right, having both begun their movie careers in the 1960's, acted together on several occasions and been friends ever since.  There is no question in this viewer's mind that they are that movie couple on the eve of their 45th anniversary.  They are so perfectly in tune with the subtleties and invisible but deep nuances of a relationship, they could be living the experience fresh rather than working from a highly intelligent and immaculate script.

The critics - besides Ciwt - are mad for 45 Years and talking Oscar for Rampling, perhaps for Courtenay for the work he brings out in her.  But, Cinema Club members are very learned movie goers, critics in their own rights, and there was that stack of panning cards.  So, your choice; for her part, Ciwt will likely go again when the movie is released in the theaters.
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