Sunday, December 27, 2015

Got Space? --- Day 4/321

Walk: No
Distance: Back and forth to closet, home yoga

Amy, Ciwt's darling cleaning woman, might have noticed certain shirts had a tendency to slip off their hangers no matter what clever way Ciwt hung them.  Certainly she must have noticed that Ciwt would love more space in her city-sized closets.  Or?  For whatever reason, Amy gave Ciwt a big box of Huggable Hangers for Christmas.

So, to honor her gift, Ciwt spent her day re-hanging her closets with the ultra skinny, velveteen- covered Huggables. And Oh, Boy!!! Much more space plus non-slippage!

Ciwt's Huggables are black, but there are any number of colors.  Whichever shade you go for, Ciwt says look for a good price (on Amazon) and give them a try.

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