Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ups, Downs and Different Perspectives --- Day 4/307

Walk: Chestnut Street Gap (2x)
Distance: 4.8  miles, small yoga

Today Ciwt discovered the downside of repeatedly leaving her home and then going back (and back) because she had forgotten something.  Worse is not remembering and not going back (and back)! Unfortunately she learned this after she had walked through the wind, rain and cold of a storm (yay!) and was waaaay doooown the hill Image result for Pacific Heights hills in a stormfrom home making a Gap returnImage result for Chestnut Street Gap Store. It wasn't until she was standing at the cash register that she realized the main item was not in the bag. So it was Waaaay UP the hill Image result for Pacific Heights hills in a stormand stairs to her home and Waaay back down again to the Gap and then Waaaay UP the hill through the cold, windy storm to home.  (There is a reason her area of San Francisco is called Pacific Heights).

From now on Ciwt will try to remember to feel lucky - instead of frustrated - for all those attempts to leave home with everything at hand.  You too?

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